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VCE Studio Arts

4cats Education offers VCE Studio Arts students a range of resources. See SHOP. The following information will provide an overview of the books and online videos we offer specifically for VCE Studio Arts students.

If you are seeking a textbook to provide you with a comprehensive step by step guide for VCE Studio Arts Units 1 to Units 4 and guidelines on how to approach each of the key knowledge and skills we recommend a copy of our new 2017 publication called STUDIO KNACK Units 1 > 4. Order online via SHOP.

We also suggest you take a look at the 2017 > series of Online Video Lectures available to students for purchase via the SHOP. Each lecture covers important material for Units 3 and Units 4. These lectures help you understand what is required in each unit of work and explain how you can achieve the A+ result you want. For example, how to write an Exploration Proposal and an Evaluation, How to Annotate your Studio Process work, Preparing Successful Artworks, Artists to Study, Exhibition Reviews, Exam Prep ticks and guidelines and more. See SHOP.

We also recommend checking out the various publications in the SHOP, such as the Artist Series. Each artist series book investigates a different artist. Students are given an overview of the artists life / background / influences and an analysis of the artists work using the our Key Discussion Points assessed within the exam. These Key Discussion Points relate directly to the VCAA Key knowledge and key skills. Books available include Rembrandt, Blackman, Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Peter Booth.

Best of luck and remember to enjoy the journey. 4cats Education think VCE Studio Arts is the BEST VCE subject of all.

NEW 2017 - STUDIO KNACK - Textbook for Studio Arts students - OUT NOW


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With unique qualifications in Education and the Australian Art Industry 4CATS Education were the first to produce a publication written specifically for VCE Studio Arts Unit 3 / 4. 4CATS Education have proven that writing books with high quality content is favoured by teachers and students alike. Our publications go well beyond being a guideline textbook. Our publications are simply presented and yet are the most consistently sort after VCE Studio Arts reference books for there quality information.

In 2017, we released our new full colour textbook for Units 3 and Units 4 called STUDIO KNACK and have expanded our resources to include our new online video lectures for students and for teachers. We consistently work towards expanding student and teacher resources and updating our collection. We try to push the boundaries and aim to publish the best, the most up to date, the most consistent and relevant material available for VCE Studio Arts teachers and students.

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”

Pablo Picasso

VCE Studio Arts

New Online Lectures …. See short snippet of video here.

4cats Education new online video lectures for VCE Studio Arts students are now available. The 10 different online video lectures outline various units of work required to be completed in Unit 3 and Unit 4 Studio Arts. See SHOP to purchase full length online video lectures.

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The 4cats Education SHOP offers students and teachers a wide selection of publications addressing the VCE Studio Arts Study Design. The 4cats SHOP outlines each publication to help you search for the book that best suits your needs.

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