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STUDIO KNACK - Studio Arts Textbook 2017 > 2021 for Units 1 > 4 - order online - Full colour - 320+ pages

Image courtesy Minna Gilligan and Daine Singer Gallery

OUT NOW 2017 - NEW STUDIO KNACK - Studio Arts Textbook for 2017>2021 Units 1 > 4 - Full colour - 320+ pages - Order online

Image courtesy Minna Gilligan and Daine Singer Gallery

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STUDIO KNACK - Textbook for VCE Studio Arts 2017 > 2021
NEW 2017 - STUDIO KNACK - Textbook for Studio Arts students - OUT NOW



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4CATS ART EDUCATION since 2002 continues to be the biggest and most comprehensive resource for VCE Studio Arts and ART having produced over 30 Art Education publications for both subjects. We continue to seek up to date ways for VCE Studio Arts students to expand and enhance their learning. See our new online video lectures for VCE Studio Arts 2017 > 4CATS Education – we’re always expanding.


THE AUSTRALIAN ART INDUSTRY publication offers a comprehensive guide for students and teachers. This publication is a detailed overview of the Australian Art Industry from the authors ‘first hand’ experience. It covers material required for the Unit 4 Art Industry Contexts including the role of galleries, curators, exhibition designers, promotion and marketing in Commercial and Public galleries and particular extended information on the Conservation of Art for VCE Unit 4 Studio Arts.

An easy guide is also included to help students and teachers understand Artists Rights needed for the completion of VCE Studio Arts Unit 2, this includes information on copyright, moral rights, appropriation, ownership and originality.



Reviews 4Cats Education

  • 4CATS ART EDUCATION are always very useful. The content and layout is student friendly and the knowledge is invaluable. They are ideally suited to both the experienced teacher and those needing a better "edge" on the study design and VCAA requirements. We update our resources from 4CATS regularly." 

    - Caulfield Grammar School
  • 4 CATS ART EDUCATION is a tremendous resource and should be accessed by teachers of VCE Art and Studio Arts who wish to further extend their curriculum. I highly recommend the experience to all Art educators and Senior School Art students. 4CATS publications on interpreting art, art practice and the art industry offer clear guidance to teachers and students on sequencing Folio’s, unpacking theoretical outcomes and working as a practicing artist. This material is authentic and presented by experienced authors not only having backgrounds in education but but within the art industry. 4CATS ART EDUCATION publications are an excellent compliment to consolidate classroom experience. Whilst a lecture is a “must list”, on the art excursion calendar”. 

    - Carey Baptist Grammar School
  • Thank you for your publications. They have been a real help and I might add that I have attended many professional development sessions both through VCAA and AEV and at all sessions other teachers have recommended your publications and your assistance with the Studio Arts course. So thanks again”.

    - Genazzano College

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